How To Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

  1. First, Pick a Tea for the Mood you are in

This depends on your mood and the time of day it is.  If caffeine doesn’t affect your sleep then you do not need a decaf tea if it is later in the day.  If it’s first thing in the morning you may want a tea with more caffeine or that has jump to it. 

There is a tea for all moods!

  1. Get your Kettle Ready, Fill with Filtered Water

Only use filtered water for the best quality and flavor out of your tea.

If you re-use old water in the kettle from the other day is ok but you do loose the   oxygen out of the water and can lose flavor in the cup.

  1. Choosing the Right Temperature & Times

If your kettle has the option, set it at the proper heating temperature for the type of tea     you are having.  Start heating your water.

100°C – (212°F) Black Tea (3-5 min), Herbal Tea (5-7 min), Yerba Mate (3-5 min)

90°C – (195°F) Oolong Tea (2-3 min)

85°C - (185°F) White Tea (2-3 min)

80°C (176°F) Green Tea (1-3 min), Yellow Tea (2-4 min)

70°C – (158°F) Delicate Teas (1-3 min)

  1. Choose your Favorite Tea Cup or Travel Mug

Using your favorite mug keeps your tea tasting the same each day.

  1. Add the Tea you picked to the strainer of your choice

Adding 2 grams (1 tsp) per cup of tea.  Remember do not add more or less tea to get the desired strength you want, steep your tea longer or shorter.

  1. Steep your Tea

Steep your tea to the time that works best for the tea flavor profile you are looking for.

  1. Ready to Serve

When you tea is ready pour it into your favorite tea cup or remove the strainer.


     Everything You Need For The Perfect Cup of Green Tea