History and Benefits of Tea

The History of Tea

According to Chinese legend, some 5,000 years ago Emperor Shen Nung was travelling and stopped for a drink.  The water was filthy so he ordered it to be boiled.  When he was drinking the boiled water, a leaf fell from above him into his cup of water.  The Emperor was so curious that he just left it in his cup and watched it brew.  Then he drank it.  That is how tea was born.

The Benefits of Tea

The CAMELLIA SINENSIS is an evergreen plant that produces tea buds and leaves.  The nutrients are called flavonoids.  Flavoniods have antioxidants and antioxidants are what gives us the health benefits of tea.  The tea is determined by how long it is exposed to oxygen before drying out.  White tea is the least oxidized.  Black teas are fully oxidized.  Green Teas dry quickly and the tea is unoxidized.  Oolong tea is partially oxidized and has qualities of both Green and Black Teas.

The best tea brewed is from loose-leaves.  History has it that drinking tea improves your daily life not only mentally but physically.  It is said that researchers are now finding that there are many benefits.